Day 2 – Digital Spaces Have Design

Key takeaway from the video.

Week 1 Goals: Notice Digital Architecture

Today's Assignment

Because the focus of this week is awareness, your job is to check your screen time and app useage numbers once each day. Pick a consistent time each day to note the a) amount of time b) number of ‘pickups’ and c) the particular apps you’ve used most. We’ll talk more about this in the coming days, but for today, just be sure you know how to find this info. I’ve provided some basic instructions below.

iphone Users

iphone users already have a built in screen tracking app. To access, just go to the main page of your settings and scroll down to Screen Time. Select this, which will bring you to a new screen which allows you to see more detailed info about your screen time and app use. You can also download a range of screen tracking apps if you like their functionality better.


Android Users

Andriod users can find a range of screen tracking apps to download. However, I have found Moment (pictured below) to have a great format. Some have reviewed it poorly because use of the app requires you to provide “too much” access to your information.

You can search the Internet for options, but may find the following link hepful in deciding on a tracking app. Check out WetheGeek.