Resilient Leaders Cohort

The pandemic has left too many of us feeling frazzled, exhausted, and drained. Many leaders wonder if their exhaustion means they should leave the job or calling that they once loved.

The Resilient Leaders Cohort is for leaders who want to:

  • Build their resilience and confidence.
  • Achieve a feeling of replenishment.
  • Gain encouragement and support from a group of peer leaders.
  • Reclaim a sense of purpose and impact in their personal and professional lives.
Discover how the unexamined and unexpressed  expectations that you have of yourself and others might be impacting your behavior, well-being, and leadership effectiveness.

Gain Perspective. Develop a Way Forward.

What is the Resilient Leaders Cohort?

The Reslient Leaders Cohort is a four month, peer learning experience for groups of 3-9 leaders. The cohort meets monthly for focused personal and professional development.

Using the Birkman Method, you will:

  • Uncover and examine your unique motivators, stressors, and subconscious needs.
  • Avoid generic advice and platitudes.
  • Develop personalized strategies that will help you get unstuck and stay replenished.

Together, we’ll strengthen your resilience and well-being so that you can sustain your leadership impact.


What's included in the cohort experience?

Birkman Assessment & Report

Gain powerful, actionable insight about your behavior pattern through a proven assessment tool. Birkman is a scientifically backed assessment that measures your motivation, self-perception, social perception, and mindset.

Individual Coaching Session

Each participant will engage in a focused, 90 minute individual coaching session to help you with your goals and action plan.

4 Group Coaching Sessions (Monthly)

Each month, you'll participate in a 90 minute group video call. This time is designed to provide structured accountability, support, and peer learning.

Online Mini-Lessons and Learning Tools

Access monthly content and learning tools that you'll complete throughout the experience. Topics include areas such as: stress management, team conflict, work/life balance.

When is the next cohort?

Cohorts start on a rolling basis and launch anytime three or more people are ready to begin.

Your Investment.

The total investment for the four month experience is $1,500. This includes individual and group coaching, a Birkman Assessment & Report, and access to online mini-lessons.

Meet the Facilitator | Dr. Aaron Einfeld, PhD

Dr. Einfeld is a leadership coach, facilitator, and certified Birkman consultant. He’s served in various higher education leadership and student learning roles for 17 years. Dr. Einfeld’s passion and purpose is to embrace change, and to help others through transformational lifelong learning and discovery.