Birkman Signature Coaching Package


Package Includes:

  • Online Course Birkman Map: Understanding Your Behavior Pattern
  • Birkman Signature Report (32 Pages)
  • 90 Minute Live Coaching Session
The Birkman Signature Coaching Package includes:


1. Online Course. You’ll receive immediate access to the course – Birkman Map: Understanding Your Behavior Pattern.

2. Birkman Signature Report (32 Pages)

Within 1-2 business days you will recieve a link to complete the online Birkman Questionnaire. Upon completing the Questionnaire, you will receive your Birkman Signature Report. Your Report includes:

    • Birkman Map:  A visual way to understand your basic personality type
    • Usual Behavior: Description of your productive behavior that helps you understand how others might view you
    • Needs:  Your subconscious expectations and preferences for how people can best interact with you. Knowing your Needs can help you pursue the environments where you thrive.
    • Stress Behavior: The frustrated, unproductive behavior that might come out when your Needs are not met
    • Interests & Motivators -Your preference for different occupational types and activities
    • Your Top Strengths 
    • Career Profile: linked to job families and titles to O*Net that match your personality
    • In-depth behavioral analysis of 9 key components of personality. 

3. Live Coaching Session (90 minutes)

Once you’ve received your report, we’ll reach out to you to schedule/complete your coaching session where we’ll review it together. Using your report as a springboard for conversation, we can focus on addressing an area of your life where you are looking for insight and support.




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