Birkman Basics Report + Online Course


Birkman Basics helps you understand your unique behavior pattern: how you interact in various social environments. Your purchase includes access to my online course, which helps you maximize your insights about your strengths, social expectations, potential stress behavior, and occupational interests.


Your purchase of the Birkman Basics Report includes immediate access to Birkman Map: Understanding Your Behavior. This online course will help you maximize the benefit of your report.

Within 1-2 business days you will receive a link to complete the online Birkman Questionnaire. Upon completing the Questionnaire, you will receive your Birkman Basics Report. The report includes:

  • Birkman Map: This is a visual way to understand your basic personality type.
  • Usual Behavior: This describes your productive behavior. It’s also a clue to how you may be perceived by others.
  • Needs: Discover your subconscious expectations and preferences for various social situations.
  • Stress Behavior: Understand the frustrated, unproductive behavior that might come out when your Needs are not met.
  • Interests & Motivators – This includes your preference for different occupational types and activities.
  • Your Top Strengths 
  • Career Profile: Real-world job data matched to your specific responses.


Download a sample Birkman Basics Report here.



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