As a leader, you face complex challenges.

Today’s leadership landscape is complex. Leading others while managing team dynamics is demanding work. But it doesn’t have to be lonely or painful.

How it works

Too often, professional development for leaders is aimed at the surface level. Solutions are too simplistic because they end up neglecting the underlying assumptions and mindsets that inform a leader’s behavior. 

Leadership coaching goes futher by engaging our deeply held assumptions about leadership, ourselves, and others. Coaching can spark personal tranformation, which unlocks your full leadership potential.

Through individual coaching, you gain personal support and professional development. We’ll focus on solving problems and improving your performance while maintaining your well being. We’ll take the time to understand you and your unique situation. You’ll gain outside perspective and expertise. Together, we’ll gain actionable insight that leads to your growth, transformation, and increased effectiveness.

My Approach

I take an individualized approach to coaching that draws from research in psychology, organizational science, and adult development. Although coaching experiences can vary, there are three essential ingredients: perspective, planning, and support. 


Clarity about the future begins with clarity about the present. Using a combination of research based tools, we begin your coaching by gaining clarity about your motivators, interests, mindsets, and behavior patterns.


Together, we'll identify measureable goals based on your new perspective. We'll develop concrete strategies to help you solve problems and improve your performance.

Support & Adjust

Personal growth and professional success are the result of sustained action. Inevitably, your plan will run into obstacles. Together, we'll engage the obstacles, gain new insight, and adapt the plan as necessary.

Dr. Aaron Einfeld

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