Birkman Debrief Preparation

The Birkman stands out from other assessments because it measures more than the obvious. Your Birkman Signature Report provides insight about your blind spots, motivators, personality, and potential careers.  Additionally, the Signature Report includes a behavioral analysis of key dimensions of your personality and mindset. 

Step 1: Submit the Pre-Debrief Questions

To prepare for our time together, complete the form below at least 48 hours before your scheduled Birkman debrief. Your confidential responses will only be shared with me, and will help us both to prepare for our time together.

Step 2: Read Your Birkman Report

Read through your entire report and make note of anything that raises questions or stands out to you. Your report covers a significant amount of information, which can be a lot to process in one sitting. Being familiar with the basics of the report ahead of time allows us to maximize the benefits of our time together.

Pre-Debrief Questions

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