Improving individual, team, and organizational performance through deep learning.

Leadership Coach | Team Development | Birkman Consultant

Dr. Aaron Einfeld, PhD

My best days are spent helping others gain insight that helps them to get unstuck, solve problems, and make their lives better.

I’m a professionally trained educator, certified coach, and experienced Birkman consultant. One of my core beliefs is that life should be a continual process of learning and adapting. My approach to coaching is to use research based practices that are proven to lead to results in adult learning and development. I’m energized by helping people make their lives better, whether it is finding a clear career direction, meeting a specific goal, or finding a more meaningful sense of purpose in our daily lives.


How I can help you.

I offer a curated, informed approach to professional coaching and consultation, providing concrete strategies for solving problems and improving performance.

Leadership Coaching

Gain personal support and professional leadership development. We’ll focus on solving problems and improving your performance while maintaining your wellbeing.

Team Development

Through professional facilitation and in-depth assessment, I help remote, hybrid, and in-person teams communication and collaborate more effectively. 

Take the Birkman®

Because self-awareness can be such a spark for growth,  my coaching method starts with a self assessment tool called the Birkman.

What is the Birkman?

The Birkman is a occupational and behavior assessment. Importantly, it’s backed by 70 years of social science research. Still, you need more than just an assessment. Structured support and focused conversation will help you leverage insight that can get you past inertia and spark your growth and change.